Nano Health Mask





NANO HEALTH MASK are equipped with the attributes of fair infrared (F.I.R), Nano silver, organic germanium and also with negative ions by implanting it on each fabric fiber.

Inserted with

  • non-woven fabric
  • melt blown hydrophobic layer
  • bamboo charcoal layer

Mask function:

  • A Multi-functional mask that can be use repeatedly.
    Filtered 5 um dust and 0. 3 um dust particles (up to 98% of non-oil particle)
  • Anti-smog
    It can filter almost all pollution from the air including particle SO2, NO2, O3 and PM2. 5.
  • Anti-allergen
  • Anti pollen, dust mites, and animal hair.

Main Function:

  • PM2.5
    Prevent harmful micro particles inhaled into our lung or into the blood through the breathing system.
  • Purify harmful air.
    It can filter cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and TVOC.
  • 4 layers filtering
    • First layer dust proof cotton layer
      Purified bigger particles from the air.
    • Second layer: Functional layer
      Nano silver, negative ions, organic germanium and far infrared combinated cloth.
      It can kill almost 99.9% of virus and Antibacterial.
    • Antistatic cotton layer and
      Remove VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds)
    • High density and breathable layer.
      Feeling more comfortable.
      We have different sizes for adults and kids.


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