About Us

MGI Philippines is the official and sole distributor of Mega Gloryoung International here in the Philippines.

Our company sells/distributes the FIRST AND ONLY IN THE WORLD, 8-in-1 Ionspec eye wears, apparel, and other products.

As the company cares about the danger of exposure to electromagnetic radiation that currently exists around us due to the enlargement of technology that cannot be avoided, the company, therefore, wanted to contribute to the Philippine society a healthy life with its MGI quality health products.

Through nanotechnology, elements like negative ions, germanium, far infrared, nano silver, and 72 minerals were embedded into each frame that helps in the improvement of eye problems such as astigmatism, glaucoma, cataract, pterygium, lazy eyes, near and farsightedness, and floater eye, reduction of bifrontal discomfort, headache, and computer vision syndrome.

Apparels and other products are also available to give relief to those who are complaining of migraines, neck and back pains, muscles and joint pains, sleeplessness, etc.

Aside from these MGI Phils., is carrying out a CSR program under the umbrella of Glaucoma Society, the Floater Eye Association, and the IonSpec Foundation, helping out individuals who are suffering from glaucoma, by giving free medical glasses.

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